Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Foster Dogs Diego & Miss Peaches featured on !

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Not only are we crazy for pet friendly weddings... we are also very active in the animal rescue community.  At any given time, we'll have a couple of extra foster dogs waiting for homes.... along with our 3. 

Our shelter of choice is Devore in San Bernardino, California.   It's a place in need of serious help.  It's a place where the many dogs rounded up in the community, or left by their owners... are simply killed euthanized because they don't have homes.  We are working hard to make some changes at the shelter, but it's not easy to swim upstream.

So the good news is that the folks at iePolitics have not only been there to let people know about Devore and it's problems, but they are becoming part of the solution!  They will be featuring dogs rescued from Devore that need  homes right away.  

We say "Thank you" so much from the bottom of our hearts.  It's so wonderful when people can use their talents and resources to help us help the dogs. 

So, without further ado.....we are also featuring our two foster dogs, Diego and Peaches from Devore Shelter.  Both in need of homes.

 miss peaches when she was just another dog to euthanize at Devore: ID A490604
Miss Peaches was rescued the day before yesterday.  She is 10 lbs of love, not potty trained yet, nobody is perfect... she does hit the puddle pads perfectly!  She's beautiful and smart and sweet as pie.  Let us know if you might have room for her, she needs lots of attention :)  We are in San Diego, and I know she would fit under the seat in an airplane EASY!!

after a bath, a name and a few snuggles!   

And we are still working to find a home for our special needs German Shepherd, Diego!  He's a big hunk of love, he needs to be an only dog and would love a big yard to relax in.  If you were good with training and had experience with big dogs that would be great.  He's quite happy to sit in the sun on his big chair and wile away the hours!  

christine and steve  diego and miss peaches



miss peaches 

photos can be enlarged by clicking on them

Diego on his easy chair with his blanket!

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