Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fun & Easy Ways To Announce That "You've Eloped" !

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You've done it!  You've thrown caution to the wind and you've had that beautiful romantic beach wedding without any of the drama. You're one smart cookie as they say... and we say CONGRATS !    It's one of the best decisions you've ever made. 

There comes a time,  when you have want to let your family and friends know about your adventure and your decision to elope.   In this day and age, you have loads of options available. Couples can choose to make their announcements in lots of different ways.. some of which we've described below.

If your elopement was planned ahead, many couples will hold a reception in their home town after they elope and return. It's a time when friends and family... all of your loved ones can celebrate your new marriage.  Often times, receptions are planned at the last minute after you return home when the word is out about your elopement.  In either case, invitations that are sent for such gatherings, would naturally include the announcement of your elopement.

However, if your elopement is going to be a surprise to those around you,  letting loved ones know about an elopement by formal announcement is a very popular way get the word out.  They are often very similar to a wedding invitations, without the RSVP card.  They can be worded in a similar fashion, or something much less formal.  It's a great idea to either include a photograph or have a photo placed on the announcement.  This thoughtful gesture gives everyone a little keepsake and a memory of your day.

A couple of small things that a newlywed couple should be keep in mind:  announcements, if you opt for them, should go out as quickly as possible.  This is especially important if you had been planning a wedding, you want to let people know there isn't going to be a wedding on a specific date. Also it's considered a bit on the tacky side to include any references to gifts  (where you are registered, don't send gifts, etc... actually no reference to gifts at all is best).

And, of course there are less formal ways to announce your elopement: the telephone, Facebook, YouTube or telling your grandmother so she can send it through the grapevine of family and friends-- but sending out a fun announcement is a really wonderful, personal way to share the excitement of the adventure that you just had!

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