Monday, July 14, 2014

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Elope San Diego sponsors event for PRIDE in Hillcrest this weekend. 
July 19th  This Saturday  9am until 2pm 
1228 University Avenue San Diego  92103

Fido & Co, the canine country club
 is holding their annual Pride event, 
best seat in town for the parade, 
a fantastic raffle that benefits our very own
non profit dog rescue we founded in 2010.

Tickets include parade, brunch, mimosas
and all proceeds benefit our dog rescue!
Tickets are $ 25   and can be purchased 

non profit IRS tax # #90-0753223 

christine and steve

Small breed dog rescue, 
staffed by dedicated volunteers who LOVE and rescue homeless, 
orphaned dogs from death row in Southern California. 
 A 501c3 charity

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Secrets To A Happy Marriage?

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Great little article. . .

christine and steve   owners of Elope San Diego   27 years ++

Thursday, July 3, 2014

What's Better Than A Wedding With A Rottie?

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A Wedding With Two Rotties!!  

Pauline and Henri traveled from Arizona to elope on dog beach with Steve and I. Rex and Hank their beautiful rotties made the trip and were included in the ceremony. 

We love it when that happens!

If you're thinking about including you pups, we've been offering dog friendly ceremonies since 1987.  Now that we have a dog rescue here in San Diego, we seem to be getting so many more couples who want to include their beloved dogs. 

Know that we're that best choice,
we've been doing dog friendly weddings for over 25 years! 

christine and steve

858 945 8341

Tiny Beach Weddings and Elopement Packages 
for groups under 25 
San Diego's Most Trusted Elopement Company

**  Tips for dog friendly weddings **
~ Run your dog in the morning  or have a friend do it for you 
~ Bring lots of treats
~Remember anything can happen, so if you want everything 
PERFECT, a dog friendly wedding won't be that, or even close!

A worst case scenerio...we had a bride who was pee'd upon by a passing dog...
she was great and didn't mind at all :)

It's worth mentioning that there are other dogs on the beach,
because it's a free place to have your wedding, and it's also a "leash free" area. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Coronado Beach Circa June 1987 Christine and Steve Owners of "Elope San Diego" !

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honeymoon  coronado beach june 21, 1987
Happy Anniversary to US :)
Celebrating Family

We're celebrating our 27th anniversary today!   Once a year we officially pull out this photo and celebrate how life is full of surprises.   This is the very beach where we do our  elope weddings- who knew that a couple of pups from Seattle would end up having Coronado Beach as their office?  

Steve and I have been joining happy couples in marriage starting just 3 months after our own wedding, in September of 1987.  Since that time, we've also been raising a family, starting a non profit dog rescue, working together side by side through it all.

We know this place by heart, it's part of our story.  It can be part of your story too ...

christine and steve

owners of Elope San Diego
San Diego's Most Trusted Elopement Company

858 945 8341

offbeat, fun, no stress elopements and tiny, tiny weddings
on coronado beach 

our family now... summer 2013

wedding.  june 20th 1987 seattle washington

Monday, June 16, 2014

One Of Our Photos Selected for TV show about Dog Friendly Weddings !

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There it is!   So excited, one of our photos was just selected for a TV show about a bride and her wedding with her dogs

Since we've been doing dog friendly weddings for was a great fit. 
They are producing the show for an A & E channel, 
showing on August 4th.  More info to follow.

And they even made a donation to our non profit dog rescue :)
Lucky Pup Dog Rescue of San Diego


Have your own dog friendly wedding in San Diego at Elope San Diego, more info here

woof, woof

christine and steve

Saturday, May 31, 2014

LOVE Hearing From Our Clients Who Eloped with us!

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We absolutely love the updates from our happy brides and grooms!
Fiona and Edgar eloped with us a few years back
on Coronado Beach, CA.
We couldn't believe they traveled all the way from Scotland
 to elope with us here in San Diego.  They make their home in Edinburgh.

Now the proud parents of two little girls. 

Isn't this photo the cutest thing ever? 

And  their wedding day many moons ago with Steve.

Eloping is not only fun, but it's smart! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Networking With our Colleagues !

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A huge shout out to Pastor Mike Mitschke!
He always helps us with our San Diego wedding licenses
when couples can't get to the courthouse. 

Today, we received a call from a couple who were planning to get married at the courthouse in San Marcos tomorrow.
As you may know San Marcos in on fire,
the roads have been closed, schools are closed. 

We sent the couple over to Mike,
he lives nearby and we know that he will do an awesome job
issuing the marriage license
( he is one of the county notaries) and then marry them. 

He's been doing weddings for over 50 years.   
Thank you again, you are a great friend. 

christine and steve 

Blissfully Simple Elope in San Diego! We LOVE YouTube Videos.

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elope san diego
 * click on icon to see video

For more details about our
Blissfully Simple Elopement Package
at Elope San Diego
here is the link:

If you have questions and a date in mind..
feel free to call Christine and Steve
858 945 8341 

And this just in from a super fun couple who selected this very package for their elopement on Coronado Beach just last weekend. 

Hello Christine & Steve,

I wanted to send you a note to express how pleased Gary and I were with our ceremony on May 6th.  I wanted to thank you personally for being so wonderful.

The love you both share for each other was evident and made the whole experience feel that much more special.

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart!
All the best,
Kelly and Gary
May 6 2014 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Did you ever wonder why couples choose to ELOPE ?

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It is the simplicity of it all?
It is the romance?
Is it the budget?

We love this great article that describes three brides and their elopements! 

C'mon at least consider it. 

We've got the perfect day for you if you come to San Diego to Elope! 

Gorgeous photos, happy ceremony, fresh flowers,
lots of rose petals :)

We are "San Diego's most trusted elopement company"
for many reasons
that include joining over 3500 couples since 1987.
The very year we were married.

christine and steve
Beautiful Coronado Beach Elopement with Rev Steve.  Photos by Christine

For more info... here's our website
if you have a date give us a call  

858 945 8341

Twitter Update from Elope San Diego!

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It's true....our twitter page is really happening! 
We set it up in 2009, but it's taken us awhile to get the hang of it. 
So Happy!  TWEET! TWEET!

Thank you for following us.  

If you have a small wedding or elopement in your plans,
with a group of 25 or fewer, please consider us.
We're fun, relaxed, very experienced.
More info on our website: 

christine and steve 

We're San Diego's Most Trusted Elopement Company
Est 1987

offbeat, happy, barefoot weddings on Coronado Beach
last minute weddings,
military weddings
and home of the dog friendly wedding! 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bye.Bye Thirty Degree Weather.. Hello San Diego Beach Wedding!!

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All the way from Minnesota ! 
Where it's still freezing cold.
Haley and Paul tied the knot with us tonight.
PERFECT weather, perfect sunset. 
Congrats!  Thank you for choosing to elope with us :)

christine and steve

Friday, April 18, 2014

San Diego Beach Weddings! Eleven Smart, Happy Couples are ELOPING with us Easter Weekend.

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Spring is in the air-- Love is in the air !

Smart couples from all over the country
decided to Elope to Coronado Beach with us.
Saved a ton of stress, money and had a fabulous time!

It's Easter weekend, and it's oh so true,
eleven couples have chosen to "Elope to San Diego
from all over the country:
Wisconsin, Utah, Arizona, Louisiana and many couples
from San Diego and other parts of California.

Thank you for choosing us,
we feel so lucky to have such great couples to work with. 

Not everyone decided to have our photography package, along
with their ceremony, but those who did will be thrilled in a few weeks when
their photos arrive in a pretty little pink box.

We're sharing a few pics and it's only Friday night...
and will have more photos to share later in the weekend. 

Thank you Pastor Mike for getting the license for Perry and Kerstin!
They weren't able to get to the courthouse,
and he delivered the marriage license to their hotel. So
they could have a last minute wedding on
the waterfront behind the
convention center.

And, to top it off, I've been brushing up on my Instagram...
who would ever think you could get such cool images from a cell phone ?

Have tiny wedding or elopement in mind? 
Give us a call
858 945 8341

or stop by our website


christine and steve

Sunday, March 30, 2014

San Diego's "Blissfully Simple Elope Ceremony" THRILLS Another Couple!

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Just received this wonderful note from Jena and Brantly
who were married February on Coronado Beach with us. 
They traveled from Montana where it was freezing cold, BRRRRRRR...
they came to San Diego to warm up, hang out and elope with us ! 
Of course, we had the perfect weather...

Hi Steve and Christine,

Just got the pictures in the mail today!!! Christine they are AMAZING!!! You did such a wonderful job capturing that day and all the special moments! We love every single one of them!! Thank you both for making our special day perfect!!  

Jena & Brantly Corrigan   Missoula Montana

And we say, thank you for the wonderful note and being so much fun to work with...
christine and steve

Pretty New Little Google Wedding Logo !

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Just replaced our little logo for Google and just in time for Spring.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Don't Let A Little Thing Like RAIN Ruin Your Wedding Day in San Diego !

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Just LOVED this article I found this morning..
uplifting and inspirational- and only takes a few minutes to read:

It made me of one our favorite couples, Marci and Todd.  
To say that it rained on their wedding day
would be to put it lightly. 
It poured, it showered, it was a monsoon, a heavy drizzle, a downpour....
it even made our years of doing weddings in Seattle look mild ! 

Marci and Todd laughed, they enjoyed it and made the best of it,
because they were happy to be getting married
and have their loved ones with them.
It turned out to be one of their happiest days, and ours too. 
Says so much about attitude and perspective


we always start out in life with such a happy face :)