Sunday, March 29, 2015

Yelps Little Secret: Elope San Diego has 45 "filtered" FIVE STAR Reviews !

YUP, it's true: 
Elope San Diego has  45 FILTERED FIVE STAR reviews. 


 In fact, there are almost three times as many reviews
for Elope San Diego in the filtered section
than are on the front of our Yelp page !

Since 2009, when we decided not to advertise with Yelp, our reviews were moved to the back in the filtered section. This has happened to so many other small business owners all over the country and naturally people are upset. 

Couples who eloped to San Diego with us, couples from all over the country who had a fantastic time and took time from their busy schedules to share how happy they were on Yelp, had their reviews marked as fake, unreliable, not worth showing. 

We're excited that this business, called "Yelp" will finally be taken to task for it's confusing, and somewhat dishonest portrayal of businesses.  According to the New York Observer"  Yelp is "Extremely Concerned" about what the investigative documentary will reveal.  
Stock prices fell after the announcement of the film.
On a side note, we couldn't help but notice that "Yelp" itself
has a 2.5 star average out of over 6800 reviews. 
The documentary movie which we were happy to donate to,
is called:  "Billion Dollar Bully"
it's a small independent film funded by donations from
a Kickstarter project and the director is Kailey Miliken.
They easily raised over $ 60,000 for their project in just a few days.

For almost 30 years, we've offered our wedding services.  You wouldn't know that by looking at our Yelp page. Working with about 250 couples a year, and there are bound to be some misunderstandings, but we virtually have a 100% satisfaction rate.  If there is a challenge, we work quickly to make things right.  Occasionally,  about once every other year or so... we have clients who just can't be made happy by anything we do.  In spite of everything we do, it's just not enough. We are happy to have couples share their stories,   we just  think it's NOT right that only some of the stories are shared and shared in such a disproportionate manner.

Christine and Steve

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Secret's out! Chad Michael Murray & Sarah Roemer Eloped With Us A Few Months Back :)

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 A perfect evening for a
Barefoot San Diego Beach Wedding

Steve and I were delighted to be selected as the official peeps to officiate and photograph Chad and Sarah's
wedding on Coronado Beach.
We were sworn to secrecy until they told the world. 

It was a beautiful evening, a beautiful wedding
and a beautiful couple.  
They traveled from LA for the weekend and
were giddy with excitement !
  So much fun to photograph the joy  :) 
Thank you for trusting us with your memories!  
We're happy to hear about the new baby too  :) 
Congrats to you both and your families.  

christine and steve

images copyright 2014  christine haslet photographer  elope san diego

** WOW ** We hit 100,000 Views of our "Elope San Diego" Blog this week !

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We can't believe that we hit 100,000 views with our blog this week! 
Barefoot San Diego Weddings

Thanks for all the visits.

christine and steve

see what our couples are saying about us at
Elope San Diego

Give us a call if you are planning your
"happily ever after"

858 945 8341 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Unique and fun Photo Sessions from Elope San Diego!

Fun photo sessions for our Coronado beach weddings!
trash the dress, have a blast! 
More info here

Elope San Diego
Christine Haslet,  photographer
Since 1987

member professional photographers of california
858 945 8341

Congrats Amy and Justin Eloped with us two years ago :)

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Just a quick congrats to Amy and Justin who eloped with us two years ago tomorrow~
We love the Facebook post we just stumbled upon!

christine and steve

858 945 8341

Friday, February 27, 2015

Saturday Morning SPECIALS... at Elope San Diego

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HaPpY To Announce
Saturday Morning
Elope Wedding Specials ! 

On Saturday mornings from 8-noon~
on Coronado Beach,
with a group of 8 or fewer guests
we offer a simple wedding ceremony with Rev Steve.  
You'll need to bring your marriage license from the county.

He'll perform an awesome, romantic wedding ceremony
for you and file the license with the county

San Diego Air Force Wedding

Active Duty Military is $ 99 
and Non military couples are $150

Here is the link for more information
from our website or to make your reservation: 

all to check your date and
our available spots.

Christine  and Steve
858 945 8341

San Diego beach wedding

 our fine print about the special : 

 ~ You'll have to be right on time for your wedding appointment otherwise
there is a $ 75 late fee, if you are more than 15 minutes late,
we may also have to reschedule you if you are late.

~ Photos and flowers are available, but not included in this fee.
~ You will need your military ID if you aren't in uniform.  

~ You'll need to bring your marriage license from the county clerks office
you need one witness unless you have a confidential license. 
We can usually find a witness on the beach if you need one  :)
if Christine is photographing your ceremony, she is happy to be your witness!

~ We are happy to reschedule, but we aren't able to offer refunds. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Our Brand New Website is UP!

San Diego Beach weddings

Our brand new website is up!  
We've got  a few pages that are still under construction,
but overall we are super happy with it. 
Stop by!

All of the photography is personally done by me :)
And Steve is our amazing officiant.
We never hire other people to show up at your wedding
to provide services to you.
We lovingly provide all of the services for your special day.

Here is the link:


christine and steve

Happy, Easy Elopement packages on the beaches of sunny California
San Diego Beach Weddings
Coronado Beach Weddings
EASY Elope Packages

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Eloping in San Diego. The Perfect Way To Warm Up If You Are From Michigan....

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San Diego The Perfect Place
for a Winter Elope Wedding !

Oh, did we mention it's sunny and 70 in San Diego...
as many parts of the country dig out from a huge snow storm?

Yvonne and Randy eloped with us and it was a perfect in every way.
They traveled away from mountains of snow and ice to tie the knot.
We found a special bond with them because they too, work
together as a couple every day. 
They are a fantastic real estate team at Howard/Hanna
in Jackson, Michigan
Working together is something most couples don't even attempt :)

They were married in a gorgeous spot....
actually, our favorite spot...
we were laughing the other day because
one of our colleagues told a bride that
"Christine and Steve do their weddings at the "stinky jetty "
 in an effort dissuade them from working with us.

Made us remember fondly
  our first 20 years  spent marrying and photographing couples
in picturesque Seattle, Washington.
A place where the wedding professionals are mannered, 
kind to one another, network and work in the spirit of cooperation. 
Guess "stinky" is in the of beholder,
because about two hundred and fifty couples year LOVE our spot..
 it's private, it's free and nearly perfect in every way.

Coronado Beach...stinky jetty ?  We think not!

Pretty pictures
, Fun ceremony, No stress and drama

Congrats Yvonne and Randy 

christine and steve 

Our Easy Elopement Packages here

Beach wedding San Diego

thank you letter for beach wedding

happy beach wedding couplecoronado beach wedding

love at a san diego beach wedding

beach wedding on coronado

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san diego beach elopement

another happily ever after....

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fancy, Schmancy..... WOW

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Back to Paris for our 60th birthdays? 
I think so...
it's where my parents met and my mum was born, and her mum
and her mum, you get the idea. It's makes me half French.

Perhaps a business expense for getting that "one in a million" shot. 
Love this..

More beautiful wedding images here

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Entrepreneur saves puppy and launches his new company with $ 250.

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Lemons + Lemons = Lemonade

Such a great little story......
who doesn't LOVE and uplifting dog story?

Puppy +T shirts= Success Beyond Wildest Dreams
Remember.....Lemons + Lemons = Lemonade

 David Hendrickson from Anaheim...
his story here

christine and steve

home of the dog friendly wedding in San Diego
Lucky Pup Dog Rescue
501c3 non profit, charity dog rescue
stop by and like our Lucky Pup page :) 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

SO EXCITED for our new website! Coming in the next few weeks.....

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Lookie!   Here is a sneak peek at our new website for
A Ceremony To Remember

Our new website is almost finished,
we purchased a new program and with the photos, 

it's turning out really beautiful :) 

Easy to navigate and lots of information.
You can always call us too
858 945 8341
christine and steve

We Need to Make One of these for Wedding Planning!

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Love this, we think there should be a column for
for wedding planning.  
Can you say "Wedding Nightmares for $ 50, Alex? "
PS  Thank you everyone that follows our wedding blog, 
we just hit 96,000 views this week!! 

christine and steve

858 945 8341

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

All the Way from Toronto! To Elope To San Diego:)

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Thanks Rhonda and Mark for such a fun afternoon.

All the way from Toronto, Ontario

BRRR.. we had the Perfect weather for them!
Thank you for the wonderful note,

we couldn't be happier that your day was perfect with us!


Our Perfect Beach Wedding 
Anyone who is reading this review considering a perfect, simple beach wedding in beautiful San Diego, trust NOT HESITATE to book with Christine and Steve. They made our wedding day simply perfect! Right from our initial contact with them, they were warm and excited for us. They responded very quickly to any email or question. We planned less than 2 months before our "day" and every detail was easy, and seamless. We got married on Coronado Beach. Christine and Steve did not miss a single detail. The flowers were beautiful, and the pictures are amazing. If you are looking for a "no fuss" wedding, in a beautiful place, we highly recommend having Christine and Steve take care of your amazing day.

Thank you Christine and Steve!

Rhonda and Mark Toronto, Ontario…


Thursday, January 15, 2015

HUH??? True Confessions Of A Seasoned Wedding Photographer

Ummmm....No, I'm not going to come to your wedding on a Saturday in May
and take a couple of pictures, with your iphone
while Steve is performing the ceremony.

If you don't hire me to photograph your wedding I won't be there. 
And there is no need to get pissy and rude about it. 
Just sayin'
This is my job, my craft, my art.

It's also how I pay for gifts for my grandchildren,
food for my dogs and and pay the water bill. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

ROCKIN' THE CASUAL WEDDING !! Katy & Mike Congrats

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Fancy without all the fancy !

Just a few family and friends, fun and carefree....
leave the stress and drama for someone else--
it's not happening here...

Katy and Mike eloped with us and we all had a really fun afternoon. 
Gorgeous, dazzling sunset..
lots of kissing and smooching.

Just the way it should be :) 



christine and steve

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