Friday, July 3, 2015


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It's July and we have some spots left
for our fun, relaxed elope wedding ceremonies!

Have a beautiful barefoot wedding on Coronado beach
with Elope San Diego.
No stress, no drama.

This fee includes the minister to perform the ceremony
and up to 8 guests on Coronado Beach,
just a few minutes from downtown San Diego.
You will need to bring your marriage license
from the county clerks office,
which we will file for you.

Here is our website for more details
for your last minute wedding plans : 

christine and steve

We do all of our own weddings 
never subcontracting to other vendors! 
Over 3500 weddings since 1987

Better Business Bureau A + rating

Monday, June 22, 2015

DOG FRIENDLY WEDDINGS!! San Diego, California

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So Easy to Include Your Beloved Dogs
In Your Wedding!

Dog Friendly Beach Weddings in San Diego

We've been offering weddings with Fido, Rover and Max
for over 25 years now.
In fact, in 2011, our deep love of dogs blossomed so much
we started a non profit dog rescue here in San Diego.
(Lucky Pup Dog Rescue)

Here is Our info about our dog friendly weddings
on Coronado Dog Beach.

We are the real deal when it comes to "dog love",
with over 25 years of experience,
and know that we are giving back to our community
in a way that benefits so many death row dogs..

And if you can't have your pup at your wedding,
here is a great article with some other ideas about
how to include your dog (s) in your wedding,
even if they aren't at the ceremony! 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 20th.... Twenty Eight Years ago.... our wedding anniversary. Seattle Washington

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Happy Anniversary to us!   

28 years ago we "I do" in Seattle 
and traveled to Coronado for our honeymoon :)

Three months later we would start our wedding business!
Photography and Wedding Ceremonies

christine and steve

our wedding day, Seattle June 20, 1987
honeymoon, Coronado Beach, Hotel Del June 1987

San Diego Fundraiser for our dog rescue Little Italy with Miss Molly

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Loving our updates from couples... 5 and 6 years ago...

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to some of our favorite couples ! 

Fiona and Edgar traveled all the way from the UK to
elope with us in 2009. We have loved following them 
and watching their family grow and their crazy adventures
as they travel the globe.  They always make us laugh.


And Sara and Samuel and their family, were married in 2010
their homecoming photo gets me every single time I see it!

We have the best job in the world! 

christine and steve

Friday, June 12, 2015

A CELEBRATION OF "LOVE" DAY. Anniversary of the Supreme Court Ruling on the Loving v. Virginia

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marry who you love

Time for a quick little history lesson about love and marriage! 

 Mildred and Richard Loving were married in June of 1958
in Washington DC, just 80 miles from their home.

They happily returned to their home
in Central Point, Virginia as newlyweds.
Central Point had been Mildred's home for generations,
and the couple had known each other
since they were children.

But not long after their return, at 2 AM in the morning,
Sheriff Garnett Brooks made his way into their bedroom.
He arrested them for
"cohabiting as man and wife against the
peace and dignity of the of the Commonwealth". 
Richard spent one night in jail, Mildred was detained several days.
Their court costs were $ 36.29.

At the time,
it was illegal for a black woman and a white man to be married.
In fact,  it was a FELONY.  With a maximum sentence of five years.
The law had been on the books since 1662 and updated in 1924.
It required that both parties have
"white" only ancestry from at least the year 1684
to be married to one another. 

Mildred and RIchard, man and wife pleaded guilty on January 6, 1959
and were sentenced to a year in prison. 
They were given a "deal" to have a suspended
sentence if they would leave Virginia for 25 years,
and they took that option.
However, they returned for Easter one year to visit their families and
were arrested again for violating the terms of their sentence.
For future visit they were forbidden from traveling together. 

The lived in Washington DC, far from family and friends,
and struggled in every way.
As things got worse for the family,
Mildred wrote a letter to Robert Kennedy,
she wanted to challenge the law!

Robert Kennedy who was our Attorney General
at the time helped her and
found someone to take her case.
Because they Lovings had accepted the court's plea bargain, they couldn't appeal.
It was a struggle, but they won their case, so aptly name:
"Loving vs. the Commonwealth of Virginia"

The Supreme Court overturned the Virginia
conviction in a unanimous decision... on June 12, 1967.
The court ruled that Virginia's anti miscegenation statute
violated both the"due process clause"
and the "equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. 

More info here
and here

Mildred and Richard had three children,
she passed away in Central Point on May 2, 2008,
Richard was killed by a drunk driver in 1975

Steve and I were in Junior HIgh School when this ruling was made,
doesn't seem like that long ago....

Mildred's moxey, as a woman,
a wife and mother!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thowback Thursday With A Little Martha Stewart. . ..

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The year was 1994, okay... I know, I know..
that was a LONG time ago....

I can still remember the excitement about finding out that
Martha Stewart was going to publish a WEDDING MAGAZINE! 

And we were going to be in the first ever edition.

I thought up the concept and took the photograph,
in Pike Place Market,
in downtown Seattle.  Just a few steps from
the original Starbucks.

So much fun!
The "bride" owned a dress shop and
I had photographed her wedding earlier.

We did a couple more editions of the magazine after that...
and the national exposure was awesome.

SInce September of 1987, I been sharing couples
most special day by capturing their wedding memories.

Additionally, I am a member of
Professional Photographers of California.

Since photography is a passion,
it's been fun to keep up with my skills by taking
programs and seminars in places as far away as Texas.

My years experience gives the clients who hire us
  a warm fuzzy feeling of security that you won't
get from a part time photographer or a family member.

Big and fancy weddings..
Small and sweet weddings 

and everything in between
I done 'em all.


If you are interested in having
beautiful beach wedding photography for your special day
give me a call

858 945 8341

More information about my wedding photography
just click here


* dress shop and owner information obscured on the marque

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Real friends don't ask friends do their wedding photos...

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having your friend photograph your wedding.... what could possibly go wrong?


So much DIY these days...

In the rush to save a few dollars,
couples sometimes forget there is only get one opportunity
to have wonderful wedding photos.

It stands to reason that
someone who has spent nearly three decades
photographing weddings will no doubt do a better job
than uncle Bob, or the guy found on Craigslist
who works as a fry cook during the week
and bought a new camera last year,
or your well meaning cousin Linda Lou.
You have to admit, tempting, but risky at best.

Steve and I paid $ 1000 for our wedding photography
lo those many years ago in 1987~
and even that didn't guarantee that we were very happy
with the results.  So it not always about money
when hiring a professional photographer to capture your special day.
Check out their work, chat about expectations and style.
Find out what people say about their photos. Look at samples yourself.

I happen to be a member of Professional Photographers of California,
and winner of several national photographic awards.
Our elopement company also has a A+ rating with the BBB.
We most importantly, we don't just send other
people to photograph your wedding.

So really, there are lots of reasons to take a second look
at hiring a professional photographer
to capture your wedding memories. 
If it's not in the budget,
we have a Paypal option that includes
6 months financing for no charge :)

Time and time again,
it's the photographs that people count
as their most treasured possessions when disaster hits. 
Yet when it comes to hiring a photographer,
many times people think the iphone
or the fancy camera get the shots. Totally discounting
the eye and experience of the photographer.

  Remember, its not the paint brush that created the Mona Lisa,
it was the artist.
You can give anyone a box of brushes,
a blank canvas and some oil paint...

Jumpin' down from my soap box NOW


portrait photographer

and co owner of Elope San Diego

San Diego Barefoot Beach ELOPEMENT PACKAGES

lost ring in the sand, your friend would probably
have to put her camera down & jump in and look for that ring !

and if it's just the two of you... you'd never have a photo like this...

or like this

by Christine Haslet


portrait photographer since 1987

Monday, May 25, 2015

Such a nice review... we have to share :)

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This wonderful review just arrived from Beth and Shawn,
who traveled from Fishers, Indiana
to be married with us on April 11 of this year. 
Thank you for the LOVE!
Beth, Shawn and Lola some of the happiest,
MOST joyful people we've ever met~

christine and steve

Christine and Steve made both the wedding plans and the wedding itself a completely stress-free process. On the day of the ceremony, they felt like members of our family and helped to create an absolutely joyous event.As perfect as our wedding was, the wedding photos that Christine took are equally amazing! I cannot stress enough how happy we are with Christine's photographs and with the photo book that she created for us.If you are considering other wedding services in San Diego you are simply wasting your time. Beth and I could not possibly recommend Christine and Steve at Elope San Diego any higher. You MUST call this fantastic couple and ask them to help make your day as perfect as they made ours.

WHEW! Nine Couples Said "I do " with this week... and One Couple Renewed Their Vows for their Tenth Anniversary....

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Congrats to all of our happy couples....
We are so delighted to be part of your celebration ! 

We traveled a bit this week around the San Diego Metro Area
to join lots of couples on their special day : 

Amber and Daniel who came from San Diego
Rebecca and Rob traveled from Missouri
Alyssa and Anthony all the way from Kansas
Aja and Jeff from Riverside
Karla and Mack live in San Diego
Allie and Kevin from Imperial Beach
Trishalynn and Temo from San Bernarindo
Jaimie and Mike from Arizona
Lisa and Mike from Redlands
 Crystal and Jeremy also from San Diego
Here are a just a few pics! 

Thanks again
for choosing us to be part of your happiest day

christine and steve

remember to tell your friends, we offer

offbeat, happy, no stress wedding celebrations
in the San Diego metro area
elopement packages
with great, unstuffy photography, warm romantic ceremonies
and fresh flowers

special photo request by alyssa!  with both sets of the parents  

Mission Bay

Hilton Hotel on Mission Bay

Coronado Beaches Finest wish our happy couple all the best ! 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ten Couples Choose To Elope To San Diego This Week With Us!

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This weekend in May, makes for a perfect long
"San Diego wedding weekend".  

And for Steve and I, we're happy to share that
ten couples LOVE what we offer so much,
they have chosen to elope to San Diego with us.
Couples really do love the small, boutique style elopements
we offer~ without all the drama and fuss.
We know couples have lots of options,
so it's really an honor to be chosen and
trusted to be part of such a special celebration. 
We LOVE and appreciate all the referrals :)

It hardly seems possible, the time has flown by so fast,
but we've been offering gorgeous,
simple, beautiful wedding days to couples
for 28 years now.
Here we are on our honeymoon
at the Hotel Del Coronado
in June of 1987.

Since that summer, we've married over 3500 happy couples.
Our first couples were married in
owners of elope san diego, christine and steve haslet  circa 6/1987
I photographed 100 weddings
my very first year in business!
Steve soon joined and began performing ceremonies.

Our offbeat wedding ceremonies have taken us to
a baseball field: Safeco Field in Seattle, hot air balloons,
the cockpit of a 747, pastures, victorian mansions, trains,
small churches, backyards, gardens, San Diego Zoo,
the Seattle Space Needle (many times),
boats, docks, living rooms,

hotels and parks.  It's been a huge adventure!

Trains, planes.....but no automobiles yet...

I'd write more, but we have to finish the bouquets,

load the car and head out the beach.

Thank you for visiting our blog and for trusting us
with your most special day.
Here are some photos from some
of our other happy brides and grooms 
from previous wedding celebrations.

christine and steve

 A Ceremony to Remember ~ Elope San Diego
858 945 8341

Offbeat Weddings
No Chairs, No Arches.... No Drama ! 

happy, unstuffy officiant
gorgeous, artistic, award winning photography
beautiful fresh flowers
since 1987

We offer $ 99 Active Duty Military Wedding Ceremonies
ON SATURDAY MORNINGS  8-noon    up to 8 guests
Coronado Beach 
Rev Steve is a retired Army Captain !
  details here

Saturday, May 9, 2015


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 Today is Saturday, May 9th.
Please, please leave food out for your mail carrier 
and they will take the food to the local food bank. 
Non perishable items

 This is a tradition that started 23 years ago,
the second Saturday in May.
10,000 cities participate.  
They will pick up on Monday if they miss you.


here is their FB page for more info

christine and steve

Sunday, April 5, 2015

LOVE updates from our happy couples!

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We LOVE updates from couples who've eloped with us.  We really, really love them. 
So fun to see the happily the ever afters!

Happy Easter

christine and steve 

858 945 8341