Friday, December 19, 2014

Launching a BRAND NEW beach wedding website!

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Just created a super cool website for us! 
with our new name that fits exactly what we do
Tiny San Diego Beach Weddings

It was so fun to learn a new program.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fancy, Schmancy Update for Elope San Diego!

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Elope San Diego
has a new updated website

Just Married... Just Eloped    Beach Weddings San Diego
We did it!  
Our website finally got the face lift you've been asking for -
easy to navigate, pretty pictures and very informative. 
So easy to plan a tiny beach wedding in San Diego,
or a elopement in just a few minutes.

Remember, we offer active duty military discount
have dog friendly options, 
and Last Minute Wedding ceremonies 
are no problem at all

Coronado Beach!  Tiny, tiny boutique style weddings

San Diego Dog Beach Wedding
"Elope San Diego" is the home of the offbeat, fun, no stress beach wedding

Military Weddings on Coronado Beach
No Stress Beach Elopements in the San Diego California area

San Diego Beach Weddings

Happy Coronado Elopement Packages

Sunset ceremony Coronado Beach

Coronado beach elopement ceremony

Mission Bay on a boat !
Just think of all the fun you could have eloping in San Diego with us! 

Christine and Steve
And baby makes three :)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Unplugged Weddings! LOVE !

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NOT one, but two great articles have been published recently . . .
Love these articles, for very personal reasons.  

It's often very, very difficult to do my job as a wedding photographer tripping over packs of people with i phones, i pads and even with Uncle Bob's 12 incher telephoto lens.  Instead of focusing on being creative, I'm forced to be thinking about dodging a guest with their camera or iphone stuck up in the air.  Or worse having a clueless guest jump right in front of me during the kiss.  Just sayin' in the end, it can really take toll on the couples wedding images.

We're offering tiny weddings with few than 25 guests, yet the challenge seems to have become 10 fold over the last several years.  Sadly, after almost 30 years taking wedding photos and I've watched as people seem to care less and less about ruining their friends wedding photos. Many have no qualms about getting the shot at any cost.

My favorite unbelievable story is this one:  Small wedding on Coronado beach, out of no where there is a tall kid in board shorts, he's every where, in all of my shots.  Oddly, I didn't remember him when we first arrived on the beach.  It was a small group of about 15.  So during the ceremony, when he became so obnoxious I had to ask him to stay back.  He says to me :  " But that guy (brother of the bride) over there gave me $ 5 to take as many photos as I could with his camera".  I said,  REALLY ???   You don't even know these people?  I sent him on his way--- so he could get back to surfing. 

Needless to say, I am pretty happy to see this getting a little press.  

Why not consider an unplugged wedding on the beach? 
just making it the two of you? 

"A Blissfully Simple Elope"

Another great article here from a fellow wedding photographer in the trenches.....

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Great Article Sent To Us By One of Our Happy Brides !

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What The Cost of Your Engagement Ring May
Say About Your Marriage???


Great little article....

Yet another reason not to go
into debt over the
BIG day. 

wedding alternative

We offer a great alternative to the 
high pressure, high price, high stress wedding day
wonderful elopement packages
for groups under 25 ! 

Christine and Steve
our website here:
Elope San Diego  
Since 1987

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Love... 63 years in the making!

Marcella and Johnny Vick when they were young. 

Such a great love story!

We'd love to make your love story come true -
with an happy, low stress, fun wedding celebration


Tiny beach weddings in San Diego
christine and steve 
married 27 years, joining happy couples in marriage... 27 years!

San Diego's Most Trusted Elopement Company
Steve Haslet 
Wedding Officiant

Christine Haslet
Wedding Photographer
Since 1987

Best marriage proposal ever?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dog Friendly Weddings in San Diego by "Elope San Diego"

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The Summer Edition of San Diego's "A Pet Life" 
 features a great little story about pet friendly weddings. 
We were honored to be asked to share some
photos and tell our stories.

Steve and I have been including couples beloved pets for over 25 years,
and our little elopement packages often include dogs. 


We were happy to be included! 

Article is here   

If you've got a tiny wedding or elopement
in your future here in San Diego....and would like to include your dog (s)
we have a page on our website dedicated to just that:


christine and steve

We are the dog lovin' wedding peeps, in fact...

we are also the founders of Lucky Pup Dog Rescue,
San Diego's neighborhood  501c3 non profit dog rescue.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Now the ENTIRE world knows you're a Creep !

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last minute wedding packages affordable. creep alert

Back in the day, you could have pulled a stunt like this, 
and a few people would have known you were a creep and a coward. 

 Fast forward to today.  
Your dirty laundry is in the street.

Dang internet....

 (no photo credit available )


Sunday, August 10, 2014

We LOVE Our 8.8 "Elope San Diego" Weddings....

Call 858 945 8341 for easy elope packages & tiny weddings in San Diego, CA. elopement packages on san diego beaches and boats. a beautiful wedding with no drama

We were remembering back to our first 8.8 wedding in Seattle,
it was 8.8.88
..... that's 1988 for those us you who are too young to remember. 

In fact, we almost had to jump in the "way back machine"
to get so far back!! 
 Since that time, we've always loved that day, 
the weather is gorgeous and 8 
turned sideways is the sign for infinity.  
Fitting for love and living happily ever after....

Looking for an easy, no stress way to
celebrate your love your each other? 
Our elopement packages are perfect !
Just ask Kate and Randall....

Congrats to Kate and Randall and their families :)
Thanks for being so much fun to work with. 

christine and steve 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

"Elope San Diego" Offers Elopement Packages on the Sea !! Romantic Wedding Cruises...

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Announcing a new partnership for our San Diego Elopement Packages -

We're happy to announce we've partnered with local
San Diego Boat Tour Company

 We'll be working with Dana and Tawanna from San Diego Boat Tours.  Together we'll be offering a fun, affordable elopement package out on the beautiful waters of San Diego.  
Christine & Steve owners of Elope San Diego with San Diego Boat Tour Wedding Boat!

And, as a special offer for our couples who choose to elope with us... they'll be offering our couples a 10% discount of their regular cruising fees. 
Our elopement packages include the officiant/minister, 
photography and fresh flowers. 

Bonus!  If your wedding falls between
November 1st and Feb 28, the discount is 15% :)

 Our regular elope packages are available
for groups with up to 8 guests, or just the two of you. 

We offer our Blissfully Simple Package for $ 695
 (does not include the boat rental fee)
and our Basic Elopement Package for $ 995
(does not include the boat rental fee)

2 hour cruise

(flower petals for the sand and parking won't be included
for our San Diego elopement packages on the boat-
there is plenty of free parking available near the dock
actual cruising time approx 1.5 hours)

christine and steve

Give us a call if you're interested in a tiny, no stress
offbeat wedding or elopement ! 
Beach or Boat 
858 945 8341 

Monday, July 14, 2014

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for Lucky Pup Dog Rescue !  

Elope San Diego sponsors event for PRIDE in Hillcrest this weekend. 
July 19th  This Saturday  9am until 2pm 
1228 University Avenue San Diego  92103

Fido & Co, the canine country club
 is holding their annual Pride event, 
best seat in town for the parade, 
a fantastic raffle that benefits our very own
non profit dog rescue we founded in 2010.

Tickets include parade, brunch, mimosas
and all proceeds benefit our dog rescue!
Tickets are $ 25   and can be purchased 

non profit IRS tax # #90-0753223 

christine and steve

Small breed dog rescue, 
staffed by dedicated volunteers who LOVE and rescue homeless, 
orphaned dogs from death row in Southern California. 
 A 501c3 charity

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Secrets To A Happy Marriage?

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Great little article. . .

christine and steve   owners of Elope San Diego   27 years ++

Thursday, July 3, 2014

What's Better Than A Wedding With A Rottie?

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A Wedding With Two Rotties!!  

Pauline and Henri traveled from Arizona to elope on dog beach with Steve and I. Rex and Hank their beautiful rotties made the trip and were included in the ceremony. 

We love it when that happens!

If you're thinking about including you pups, we've been offering dog friendly ceremonies since 1987.  Now that we have a dog rescue here in San Diego, we seem to be getting so many more couples who want to include their beloved dogs. 

Know that we're that best choice,
we've been doing dog friendly weddings for over 25 years! 

christine and steve

858 945 8341

Tiny Beach Weddings and Elopement Packages 
for groups under 25 
San Diego's Most Trusted Elopement Company

**  Tips for dog friendly weddings **
~ Run your dog in the morning  or have a friend do it for you 
~ Bring lots of treats
~Remember anything can happen, so if you want everything 
PERFECT, a dog friendly wedding won't be that, or even close!

A worst case scenerio...we had a bride who was pee'd upon by a passing dog...
she was great and didn't mind at all :)

It's worth mentioning that there are other dogs on the beach,
because it's a free place to have your wedding, and it's also a "leash free" area. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Coronado Beach Circa June 1987 Christine and Steve Owners of "Elope San Diego" !

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honeymoon  coronado beach june 21, 1987
Happy Anniversary to US :)
Celebrating Family

We're celebrating our 27th anniversary today!   Once a year we officially pull out this photo and celebrate how life is full of surprises.   This is the very beach where we do our  elope weddings- who knew that a couple of pups from Seattle would end up having Coronado Beach as their office?  

Steve and I have been joining happy couples in marriage starting just 3 months after our own wedding, in September of 1987.  Since that time, we've also been raising a family, starting a non profit dog rescue, working together side by side through it all.

We know this place by heart, it's part of our story.  It can be part of your story too ...

christine and steve

owners of Elope San Diego
San Diego's Most Trusted Elopement Company

858 945 8341

offbeat, fun, no stress elopements and tiny, tiny weddings
on coronado beach 

our family now... summer 2013

wedding.  june 20th 1987 seattle washington

Monday, June 16, 2014

One Of Our Photos Selected for TV show about Dog Friendly Weddings !

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elope san diego, elope with my dogs there, eloping in san diego with our dog
There it is!   So excited, one of our photos was just selected for a TV show about a bride and her wedding with her dogs

Since we've been doing dog friendly weddings for was a great fit. 
They are producing the show for an A & E channel, 
showing on August 4th.  More info to follow.

And they even made a donation to our non profit dog rescue :)
Lucky Pup Dog Rescue of San Diego


Have your own dog friendly wedding in San Diego at Elope San Diego, more info here

woof, woof

christine and steve