Sunday, March 30, 2014

San Diego's "Blissfully Simple Elope Ceremony" THRILLS Another Couple!

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Just received this wonderful note from Jena and Brantly
who were married February on Coronado Beach with us. 
They traveled from Montana where it was freezing cold, BRRRRRRR...
they came to San Diego to warm up, hang out and elope with us ! 
Of course, we had the perfect weather...

Hi Steve and Christine,

Just got the pictures in the mail today!!! Christine they are AMAZING!!! You did such a wonderful job capturing that day and all the special moments! We love every single one of them!! Thank you both for making our special day perfect!!  

Jena & Brantly Corrigan   Missoula Montana

And we say, thank you for the wonderful note and being so much fun to work with...
christine and steve

Pretty New Little Google Wedding Logo !

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Just replaced our little logo for Google and just in time for Spring.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Don't Let A Little Thing Like RAIN Ruin Your Wedding Day in San Diego !

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Just LOVED this article I found this morning..
uplifting and inspirational- and only takes a few minutes to read:

It made me of one our favorite couples, Marci and Todd.  
To say that it rained on their wedding day
would be to put it lightly. 
It poured, it showered, it was a monsoon, a heavy drizzle, a downpour....
it even made our years of doing weddings in Seattle look mild ! 

Marci and Todd laughed, they enjoyed it and made the best of it,
because they were happy to be getting married
and have their loved ones with them.
It turned out to be one of their happiest days, and ours too. 
Says so much about attitude and perspective


we always start out in life with such a happy face :)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Winter BEACH Weddings In San Diego ? Just this side of HEAVEN !

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We absolutely LOVE the winter weddings on the beach here in San Diego, while the rest of the country is buried in snow, rain, sleet ... we are proud to boast loads of sun and a warm sandy beach, in fact around 70 degrees this week.  
To top it off, there are very few crowds on the beach unlike during the summer months. 

If you are on the fence about the time of year to elope, consider the "off season" in San Diego for a fun, relaxed
elopement package.  

Spring and Curtis were married a few weeks ago, and they had a spectacular day in every way. 

christine and steve

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Comic Con 2014 Wedding? San Diego Offbeat Weddings! Look out....

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 Just received one of our favorite calls of the year! 
A call for a Comic Con wedding for July...

Last year we were included in this article from the Examiner, 
for a couple we married and didn't even realize it
until this morning-- when we were doing research for a another
San Diego Comic Con wedding this summer. 

I'll be back when I find out what it takes
to be married at Comic Con 2014! 

Stay Tuned . .

We know we can do weddings behind
the convention center along the bay,
but maybe there is something inside too ! 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

It's a BIG DEAL! Our non profit is having a fundraiser NEXT Saturday!

fundraiser for Lucky Pup Dog Rescue, Christine and Steve Haslet founders,
fundraiser for San Diego pet store featuring RESCUE DOGS

We're holding a fundraiser for our non profit dog rescue, Lucky Pup Dog Rescue next Saturday.  The Palm Springs Examiner did a great story about it,
so I'll just give you the link here:

It's on March 1st
at Kous Kous Morrocan Bistro in Hillcrest, San Diego
  3940 4th Avenue. 
Screening of a rescue film, lunch and raffle !

Your donation is tax deductible and supports our rescue work. 
We rescue from some of California's worst shelters in the
LA and San Bernardino area,
about 100 miles north of San Diego.   

$45 before  $65 at the door. 
We're screening a movie "Saved in America"
a rescue movie made by Kim Sill, she will be on hand for a Q and A after the movie.
We are raising money to open a retail pet store, that features just RESCUE DOGS!! 
So exciting. All are welcome, it's a great cause, we are raising $20K. 

save a life. 

Find your next dog on our website


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Iphone Photos at a Wedding ????

  I know just last week I was trashing the phone
and look at me this week. 

 I'm usually taking quick photos for others with their Iphones just before I run off the beach so they can post them right away on FB .....however, on Valentine's Day weekend I pulled out my OWN Iphone and got some fun shots, then used instragram for the first time at one of our tiny weddings and just LOVE the results.   It's true, I haven't made them bigger, or printed them at my lab yet, but that's next.


If you have a tiny, tiny beach wedding or elopement in your future, you want something fun, relaxed, a little offbeat...
you can call me on my Iphone to chat about it more

858 945 8341

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

AWWWWWW. woof. woof.

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Great post about dogs.
Sorry it's a little off the wedding, eloping subject, unless you are planning to have your pup at your wedding, which is alright by us!   More about that right here

Here is that wonderful article and advice about being a dog lover.
I wish I had written it myself. 

Thinking of adopting a rescue dog? 
Our rescue site is here:


Monday, February 3, 2014

Bride Robs Cradle.... She's a 100 years old, the groom 87 !

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Darling story about a bride who is being married on her birthday,

 she' s 100! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Plan a Wedding on a Cell Phone? Not So Much...

For the umpteenth time this month I've received a call from a bride
 who is trying to plan her entire wedding on a cell phone. I living in the dark ages or WHAT ? 
Last week I thought it was an AWESOME idea.... but not so much now. 
 I see now, there is something missing in the process...
I've begun to wonder to myself:
 would I pick out a wedding gown on the phone? 
And then base everything on the price I heard on the phone? 

White Wedding Gown $39.99 or $3999.00 

How could I possibly decide from a simple cell phone conversation
which is the best dress for me ?

Brides are asking me to basically read everything
 I have on my website down to the tiny, tiny details... while they take notes.
I would say it's a somewhat uninformed decision-- because price is not everything. 
Price is but one factor in a decision.  
you can plan your entire wedding with us in under 10 minutes
 on the computer. With our help, if you know your date,
 how many guests, and if you want the whole enchilada,
 or just the plate!   
And, you could actually enjoy the process a little more. 

Read, LOVE and Reserve.  

You do remember the computer ? 
That's where our on- line brochure is so you know what you are actually purchasing. 
Loads of photos, references, packages, marriage license info
sample ceremony,
dog friendly options, flowers , faqs  
are all right there for you to see.

Don't you want to be a informed consumer when you plan your wedding?
So you're not disappointed, 
or worse yet, you have no idea what you purchased or agreed to. 

Honestly, your cell phone isn't there yet. 

elope san diego 
EST. 1987

Monday, January 13, 2014

All the way from SASKATCHEWAN Saskatchewan, Canada-- minus 70 degress !

 Minus 70 degress?  OHMY! 

 Congrats to Angela and Ken who traveled from Canada
to warm their bones and elope with us last weekend.

Just the two of them with our " Blissfully Simple Package". 

I could go on and on and ON about how cold it was where they came from, but I won't. 
 I can't even imagine what 70 below feels like.

Let's just say we had our perfect welcoming sunny San Diego wedding weather waiting for them, sunny and 70.  They LOVED it!

Smart and funny, what darling, happy couple!  Thanks for choosing Elope San Diego, we know the 2014 will be a wonderful year for you after last years challenges.

Here's to your happily ever after!! 
Enjoy your honeymoon here in San Diego and stay warm...

christine and steve

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Great Marriage Proposal!

Lookie at this fun marriage proposal! 

Confused, so very confused....

We're proud to say that we have a 99% approval rating!  Working with about 250 couples a year, there are bound to be a couple unhappy campers... but this one?   I am confused. Very confused.

We just photographed a nice little wedding on Coronado beach, the couple selected our quickie, smallest package, 36 pics and the CD for a very reasonable $ 495.  It's for couples on a tight budget, who don't want to invest very much time or money in their photography services.. but still want something nice.  Which is what I always deliver.  

As a photographer, I work in a bit of a vacuum, that is to say I don't have co workers or a boss.  When I pour my heart and soul into the event, capture the essence of the day in an artistic way...and in fact over deliver what I promised. .. it then becomes a challenge to understand why someone would look at their wedding photos and not see the emotion, the joy, the tiny moments. But instead look at each image and give their opinion in such an insulting way.  And go on to ask for "compensation" for ruining their most important day.. 

Basically I photograph the ceremony that Steve performs and a few additional family/couple photos.  For this couple I sent an extra 20 photos at no charge and spent extra time to take them to an additional location at no charge to get some photos in the shade.

 They didn't thank me, instead the mister sent me this:

Christine and Steve, I will list some of the issues with the image number and make some comments.

2811-it is not in focus on us.
2814-seems a little bright and washed out
2815-seems  a little bright
2818-washed out
2828-a little bright

2836-color off
2842-not in focus
2851-bright and not in focus
2852-bright and some shadow
2861-shadows on the faces

2864-shadows and a little bright
2865-no so clear/focused
2886-washed out and shadows, not clear
2890-bright and shadows
2896-not focused, shadow and bright
2903-bright and shadows
2904-bright and washed out.

2910-bright and shadows
2929-not so clear on the people
2937-not so clear on the people
2945-little bright

2949-little bright
2965-shadows on bride
2989-little bright
2994-little bright
2999-little bright
3003-out of focus on us/not so clear

3014-bright and not clear
3016-bright on bride
3024-bright and not in focus
I can take some constructive feedback, but in addition to his list, the groom said they were DISTRAUGHT over  the photos and need some sort of compensation to make this right.  Distraught?
( Merriam-Webster: so upset that you are not able to think clearly or behave normally)
Any thoughts out there? 
I'm am at a total loss, 25 years at this, and another first!  Same work I do a couple hundred times a year in the very same location, that people LOVE, it's very consistent with all the images on my website, and blog......

too bright, shadows